Press machine

Floor heating press

(Warm water floors heating press)


Manufacturer: Höfer

Press area: 3.500 x 1.350 mm

2 floors

Heating with hot water

Opening upper heating plate: 165 mm

Opening lower heating plate: 140 mm

Electric lifting and lowering

Autom. opening or manual operation

Opening limitation

Safety tear rope

Dimensions: L 3.700 x B 1.550 x H 1.880 mm

Weight approx: 5 tons

Conditions: Used

Veneer heating press


Manufacturer: Höfer

Press area: 2.200 x 1.100 mm

4 pressing cylinders

Opening: 280 mm

Electric heating: 2 x 5,5 kW

2 hand safety control

New Elkom heating plate anodized

New electrical control

Total lenght: 2.500 x 1.250 x H 1.700 mm

Weight approx: 1.800 kg

Hydraulic frame press


Manufacturer: Panhans

Clamping width: 3,2 m

Clamping height: 1,8 m

Engine: 1,1 kW

3 vertical clamping elements

2 clamping elements horizontal

Weight approx: 800 kg

Condition: cpl. overhauled

Hydraulic frame press


Manufacturer: Mauweg- Schöberl

3 cylinders vertical

2 cylinders horizontal

Overall height: 2.950 mm

Total lenght: 4.000 mm

Clamping range: 2.000 x 3.000 mm

Stroke per cylinder lockable

Operating pressure: 90 bar

Condition: Good- overhauled