Drilling machine

Fitting and row hole drilling machine


Manufacturer: Ganner

Type: Gannomat

Pneumatic feed with foot pedal

7 drills  row- 3 rows 90°

Drilling depth: 60 mm

Working height: 850 mm

Various stops

Dimensions: 800 x 1.000 mm

Weight approx: 60 kg

Conditions: used

Dowel boring machine


Manufacturer: Griggio

Type: GF 21

Pneumatic tilting of the drilling unit

21 drilling spindle

Drill bit section: 32 mm

Max. workpiece width: 32 mm

Max. drilling depth: 65 mm

Max.workpiece thickness: 70 mm

2 pneumatic clamps

Engine: 1,5 kW

Dimension: 1.100 x 780 x H 1.300 mm

Weight approx: 275 kg

3.000 aluminium stop rail with 4 stop flaps

Consisting of 2 parts each 1.500 mm long with 4 stop flaps

Side stop with scale can be used alternately

Scale display for the setting of the side stop

Stop 45° Bore

Stop 90° Bore

Pneumatic tensioner movable

Quick seeting for drilling depth

CE compliant design

Condition: New demonstration machine

Dowel drilling machine


Manufacturer: Scheer

Type: DB 4

1 horizontal drilling unit 2,2 kW, stroke 100 mm with impulse valve

1 drilling unit vertical 2,2 kW, stroke 130 mm with impulse valve

25 spindle pitch: 32 mm

Portal passage: 950 mm

Height adjustment of the horizontal

Drilling unit: 0 - 50 mm

Dimensions: 1.800 x 1.500 x H 1.980 mm

Weight approx:  650 kg

Condition: used, overhauled

Hardware drill


Manufacturer: Gras

Type: Table model

Drilling presses

Row drilling unit as accessory

Pneumatic feed

Year of construction: 1996

Condition: very good

Row drilling machine


Row drilling: 7 spindles

Engine: 0,75 kW / 380 V

Inlet width: 220 mm

Drilling depth: 50 mm

Drilling grid: 32 mm

Pneumatic actuation

Dimensions: 400 x 460 x H 580 mm